Company "M & B - Yanko Mitev" was established in 1995 and began its activity as a clinic for luxury and exotic animals and birds. The following year, a veterinary pharmacy was opened and started operating at the clinic.

In 1997, the company opened and registered a warehouse for veterinary medications.

As of June 2023, 20 veterinarians, 7 veterinary technicians and 2 zoo engineers work in ET "M & B - Yanko Mitev", the total number of employees being 65.


The warehouses serve daily more than 200 customers, on the territory of the whole country, and the total number of customers is more than 3000. Our main customers are farms, veterinary clinic, pet stores and feed manufacturers.

Vehicle fleet - 30 light-duty vehicles /mainly vans/, of which 3 are equipped as thermal vans with data loggers, according to the latest European standards, for the transport of heat-labile medicinal products.

Licenses – The company has all the necessary registrations and licenses for trading in veterinary preparations, premixes, feed additives, food and pet products.

ET "M & B - Yanko Mitev" is the main distributor of leading Bulgarian and European manufacturers of veterinary medicine, feed, feed additives, pet food and farm equipment.

The company carries out its own imports of CEVA /Ruminants/, Bergofor, Tannin, Milkrite, Schopf, Travifarma, Clean Paper and Kerble.

Our pharmacies serve farmers and veterinarians in the respective municipalities of Yambol region.

The following sites work for the company:

  • Central warehouse - city of Yambol, 85 Yambolen St.
    Trade of veterinary medications, feed and feed supplements for farm animals and birds, pet food, farm equipment for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria with 2100 m2 of storage area
  • Local warehouse - city of Yambol, 99 "Klokotnitsa" street
    Trade of veterinary medications, feed and feed additives for farm animals and birds, pet food for the territory of the city of Yambol with 480 m2 of storage area.
  • Local warehouse - city of Sofia, g.k. "Banishora", bl. 40 – C - Ground floor
    Trade of veterinary medications, feed additives, food and accessories for domestic and exotic animals and birds for the territory of the city of Sofia with 200 m2 of warehouse space.
  • Veterinary pharmacy - town of Elhovo
  • Veterinary pharmacy - town of Straldzha
  • Veterinary pharmacy - town of Bolyarovo

Animal husbandry

In 2002, sheep of the Mouton Charolais breed were imported from France. In the following years, animals from the Lakon breed were. As of June 2023, more than 1,500 animals of both breeds are bred in the two sheep farms.

  • Sheep farm in the town of Elhovo
  • Sheep farm in the village of Vodenichane

Healing activity

The clinic in Yambol mainly serves animals from the region. The equipment is at a high level, having an X-ray machine, an ultrasound machine, a patient monitor, a biochemical analyzer, a blood analyzer and a hospital.
The clinic employs 6 veterinarians and 1 veterinary technician.

  • Veterinary clinic - city of Yambol, "Khan Tervel" street No. 32
Veterinary warehouse Veterinary warehouse Veterinary warehouse Veterinary warehouse Veterinary warehouse

Contact us

Central warehouse Yambol

 "Yambolen" str. № 85
 088 780 3502 Dr. Dimitar Chapkunov

Warehouse Sofia

 "Banishora", 40, vh. В
 088 342 2584 Dr. Evgeni Mihajlov

Warehouse Yambol

 "Klokotnitza" str. № 99
 089 925 6023 Dr. Neli Kaneva

"M & B" Veterinary Clinic

 "Han Tervel" str. № 32
 088 985 7293 Dr. Yanko Georgiev
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